Mechanical Engineering

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Product Design and Development

  • Preliminary concept sketches
    • Rapid 3D CAD models
  • Industrial design
    • For ergonomics, functionality and manufacturability
  • Design of parts and sub-assemblies
    • Detailed mechanical design and material selection
  • Modeling, simulation and analysis
  • Prototype development
    • 3D printing, CNC machining
  • Release to manufacture
    • Complete manufacturing package
  • Design for manufacturing and assembly (DFMA)

Dynamic Systems

  • Design of precision motion control systems
  • Development of miniature electromechanical systems including solenoids, motors, actuators, couplings sensors and control systems
  • Design of lead screws and custom thread geometries for precise control and high-volume manufacturing
  • Design of micro-molded actuators for injection molding
  • Tolerance stack-up analysis
  • Stress, thermal, acoustic and vibration analysis
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to analyze structural and thermal performance

Static Systems

  • Design of product enclosures
    • Injection molded plastic enclosures
    • Experience with wide variety of materials including plastics and rubber
    • Stress, thermal and vibration analysis and optimization
    • Design for ingress protection and EMI/EMC compliance
  • Design of complex jigs and fixtures
  • Development of sheet metal parts
    • Progressive dies
  • Development of rubber parts
    • Compression molded parts
    • Cast parts
    • Injection molded silicone
  • Design of springs
  • Design of screws and threads – UNS, UNS, Acme, Metric

Injection Molded Parts

  • Extensive experience with design of parts for injection molding
    • Including insert molding and over-molding
    • Mold-flow analysis
  • Specializing in micro-molded parts
    • Extremely tight tolerances
    • Optimized for performance and cost
  • Enclosures and housings
    • For consumer products
    • Designed for manufacturability
  • Global network of mold-making and molding partners for every need
  • Experience with a wide range of materials
    • Material selection to meet product requirements – durability, weight, cost, safety
  • Fully equipped metrology lab for inspection and QC

Prototype Development

  • In-house CNC machining
    • High-precision plastic and metal machining
  • In-house 3D printing
  • Laser cutting
  • Sheet metal fabrication
  • Metal and rubber casting
  • Fully equipped machine shop

Engineering Analysis

  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Static and dynamic loading studies
  • Thermal analysis
  • Mold-flow analysis for injection molding
    • Flow, pack and warp
  • Structural analysis
    • Static and dynamic
    • Linear/non-linear
    • Fatigue and durability
  • Shock and vibration analysis
  • Acoustic analysis

Release to Manufacturing 

  • Complete documentation package
  • ISO, ANSI, ASME standards for 2D drawings
  • Geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T)
  • Detailed Bill of Materials (BOM)
  • List of qualified vendors for standard and custom parts
  • Complete assembly, test and maintenance procedures
  • Inspection and QA procedures
  • Regulatory compliance certificates

Machine Shop and Tools

  • Fully equipped machine shop with HAAS 3-axis Vertical Machining Center
    • Automatic Tool Changer
    • Tool holders, cutting tools and measurement equipment
    • Airconditioned facilities
    • 3-shift operation
  • Tormach 3-axis Vertical Machining Center
  • 3-axis CNC table-top milling machine
  • 3D Printer (FDM)
  • BEMCO Environmental Test Chamber
  • High-precision watch-maker’s lathes
  • Heat-staking machine
  • Drill presses and other power hand-tools

Metrology Lab

  • Keyence Laser Measuring system (LJ V7060)
    • Line laser with 0.4 micron accuracy
    • THK X-Y motion table for precise 3D measurements
    • Custom software for automation
  • Cambridge Instruments OptiCheck 3D measurement systems with 1-micron accuracy
  • Nikon Profile Projector
  • Mitutoyo calipers (Absolute Series) and micrometers (293 series)
  • High precision screw gauges, depth gauges (iGauging D69),bore gauges, pin gauges from Fowler & thickness gauges from Mitutoyo (7301).
  • Digital 3-axis angle protractors (DXL360S)
  • Height gauges
    • Digital and analog from Mitutoyo (Absolute series)
    • Automated height measurement system from Fowler ( Z_CAL300)
  • High accuracy surface plates
  • High-resolution microscopes from Leica (S4E), Zeiss, Bosch & Lomb (Stereo Zoom 4/5)
  • Celestron handheld microscope with up to 40X optical zoom with photo and video capture
  • Optical measurement systems from Omax (A355OU) with 0.01mm calibration reticle and advanced editing, processing and measurement features
  • High-speed video capture system (1000 FPS)
  • Torque measurement equipment from HIOS (HP 10)
  • High-accuracy force measurement tools


Let’s Discuss
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