Manufacturing Services

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Turnkey Manufacturing

  • Complete turnkey production services
    • In-house mid-scale assembly capability
    • Up to 5000 units/month
  • Ability to build complex electrical and mechanical assemblies
    • Up to thousands of parts per unit
  • System-level assembly, Product assembly, Sub-assembly-level product assembly
  • Testing, software installation, product configuration
  • Packaging, labelling, and bar-coding
  • Dedicated facilities for box builds and mechanical assemblies
  • Experience with order fulfilment and RMA logistics
    • Diagnostic testing and analysis
    • Repair depot
    • Refurbishment services
  • 20+ years of experience in assembling consumer electronic products
  • Incoming and outgoing QC
  • Custom MRP system for production control and management

Manufacturing Services

  • Mechanical Fabrication Services
    • CNC machining of metal and plastic parts
    • Ability to maintain extremely tight tolerances
    • Extensive experience in precision machining of plastic parts
    • Precision turning and tapping
    • Precision laser cutting and engraving
    • 3D printing
  • PCB Fabrication and Assembly Services
    • Fabrication of multi-layer rigid and flexible PCBs through network of suppliers
    • Assembly of PCBs with fine-pitch SMD and through-hole components through partners
    • Design and fabrication of support palettes for pick-and-place assembly of PCBs
  • Development and fabrication of jigs and fixtures
    • For test and to improve cycle times and quality of assemblies
  • Material sourcing and supply chain management
    • Obsolescence planning
    • Supplier quality management
    • Inventory risk management
    • Material sourcing strategies
    • Inventory management

Manufacturing Facilities

  • Fully air-conditioned production floors
  • Highly skilled technicians and assembly workers
    • Electronic and electrical assembly
    • Mechanical assembly
  • Fully equipped machine shop with CNC vertical milling center
  • Class 100 (US FED STD 209E) cleanroom with laminar air flow work tables for assembly of dust-sensitive components
  • Warehousing, packaging and shipping facilities

Test and Inspection Services

  • Extensive in-house facilities for test and inspection
    • Design and fabrication of test jigs and fixtures in-house to enable comprehensive testing of every sub-assembly and finished product
    • Inspection of all incoming parts by a trained QC team
  • Keyence line laser measurement system with a measurement accuracy of 0.4 microns, for inline measurement of part dimensions and tolerances
  • Micro-Epsilon spot laser measurement system for measurement and characterization of actuator dynamics
  • Torque and force measurement equipment
  • Bausch and Lomb Stereozoom inspection and QA microscopes with digital imaging
  • Nikon stereoscopic QA microscope with digital imaging
  • Cambridge Instruments Opticheck Video Measurement Systems
  • Mitutoyo Callipers, Micrometres, height gauges, dial gauges, test indicators, and granite surface plates
  • THK X-Y table for precision linear motion control.
  • BEMCO Environmental Test Chamber
  • Specially designed computer stations for testing and logging of production data for monitoring and traceability

Sourcing and Supply Chain Management

  • 20+ years of experience in sourcing of electrical, electronic, mechanical and electro-mechanical parts
  • Established partnerships with qualified global vendors for tooling and development for mechanical parts
    • Plastic and metal enclosures
    • Motion-control components
  • Established vendors for PCB fabrication and assembly in the US, India and China
  • All electrical and electronic materials are sourced through Avnet, Arrow and Digikey
  • Material management using a fully customized MRP solution
  • Extensive experience in global logistics management

Manufacturing Cost Optimization

  • Extensive experience in optimizing manufacturing costs
  • Global network of parts and material suppliers
    • Identification of the best sources of mechanical and electrical materials
    • Cost optimization for any volume
    • Leveraging long-term partnerships in Asia, Europe and North America
  • Design recommendations for cost-reduction
    • Multi-disciplinary approach to achieve the highest optimization
      • Across mechanical, electrical, software domains


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